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The design phase is the most important phase in the process of making your project a reality. It is also the first step. An overdesigned structure could be beautiful but would not materialize because of cost implications.  We focus on the following:

          - Beauty and overall impact

          - Cost and Budget

          - Efficiency

          - Safety

Experience plays a major role in becoming a great designer. Since we are also builders, we always make it a point that our design is beautiful, efficient, safe and ofcourse, within the budget. Most design firms say they have construction experience yet the design is usually out of budget. Ask them for a portfolio of "ACTUAL BUILT DESIGNS" and they will just show you a couple of projects. Since they only focus mainly on design, they have to charge high so they can recuperate operational expenses in their office. Our company designs and constructs as well. This challenges our designers to design each project beautifully and efficiently.

George Dural A1.jpg
Warren's Bedroom.jpg
William's Bedroom Updated.jpg


Our design fee package depends on the complexity and size of the project.  Although each project is unique and the fee could vary depending on several factors, for budgetary purposes and to give you an idea of how much it would cost for us to design your project, these are our usual rates (Please remember that should the construction contract be awarded to us, cost of Engineering Design Plans will be deducted from the construction contract cost as discount.):

House and Building Design Packages:

1.) Class A (Single A) or Standard Design

1 - Storey or Bungalow House / Building: PhP30,000 - PhP50,000

2 - Storey House / Building: PhP40,000 - PhP65,000

3 - Storey House / Building: PhP50,000 - PhP70,000

4 - Storey House / Building and Above: PhP60,000 - PhP100,000 and up

Class A (Single A) design may include:

                       Architectural/Civil Engineering Design, Structural, Electrical & Plumbing Plans, Specifications and Bill of Materials

*Interior 3D Perspective and Geotechnical Soil Test (Required for 3 - storey / floor and above) is not included in this package. (Please see fees below.)

2.) Class AA (Double A) or Standard Design + 3D Interior of Main Rooms

1 - Storey or Bungalow House / Building: PhP60,000 - PhP90,000

2 - Storey House / Building: PhP70,000 - PhP100,000

3 - Storey House / Building: PhP80,000 - PhP110,000

4 - Storey House / Building and Above: PhP90,000 - PhP110,000 and up

Class AA (Double A) design may include:

                       Architectural/Civil Engineering Design, Structural, Electrical & Plumbing Plans, Specifications and Bill of Materials

*Interior 3D Perspective of Living , Dining, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Master Toilet and Bath. Geotechnical Soil Test (Required for 3 - storey / floors and above) is not included in this package. (Please see fees below.)

3.) Class AAA (Triple A) or Standard Design + 3D Interior of All Rooms

1 - Storey or Bungalow House / Building: PhP80,000 - PhP300,000

2 - Storey House / Building: PhP120,000 - PhP400,000

3 - Storey House / Building: PhP130,000 - PhP450,000

4 - Storey House / Building and Above: PhP150,000 - PhP500,000 and up

Class AAA (Triple A) design may include:

                       Architectural/Civil Engineering Design, Structural, Electrical & Plumbing Plans, Specifications and Bill of Materials

*Interior 3D Perspective of All rooms including Living , Dining, Kitchen, All Bedrooms and Toilet and Baths. Geotechnical Soil Test (Required for 3 - storey / floors and above) is not included in this package. (Please see fees below.)


4.) Special Engineering and Interior Design Packages

Structural Engineering Plans: PhP5,000 - PhP25,000 and up

Electrical Plans: PhP5,000 - PhP25,000

Plumbing Plans: PhP5,000 - PhP25,000

Mechanical Plans: PhP5,000 - PhP25,000

Interior Perspective Plans: PhP10,000 - PhP50,000 and up

Geotechnical Soil Test Report (For 3 storey structures and above): PhP25,000 - PhP80,000 and up

Geodetic Lot Plan and Vicinity Map: PhP2,000

Feng Shui Planning including Kua Number and Eight Mansions Theory Computations: Starts at PhP20,000

Master Bedroom Perspective.jpg
Wesley's Bedroom.jpg
Chelsy's Bedroom.jpg
Renzie's Bedroom Perspective-Updated.jpg

Design Process (Approximately 5 - 9 weeks)

Step 1.1: First Meeting at our Office and Data gathering                  

To design efficienctly, we would first need to meet you in our office and would need the following inputs and data from you:

- Copy of Title or Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) so we may plot dimensions of your property / lot

- Lot plan or lot dimensions will also do if copy of Title or Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) is not yet available

- Commercial Space, Condominium Unit or Office Space measurements or plans if project is not a house / building

- Room requirements such as bedrooms, toilet and bath, family hall, entertainment room, gym etc.

- Construction Budget so we may tell you early on if the project is feasible or not. The construction budget stated must be the most probable construction budget as any amount that is undervalued or understated will cause the design to be smaller and less elegant. We need an honest amount so that you would be getting what you want early on. This would also avoid revisions or complete do-overs in the design. In case you would be getting a loan, please visit our page on HOME LOANS so you may be able to estimate the loanable amount for your project. You may also visit our page on estimating your project given the number of rooms etc. here : BUILDING CALCULATOR. 

- Copy of Subdivision / Administration design restrictions (if needed)

- 20% or P10,000 downpayment should you decide to have our team do a floor and space plan for your property.

  Step 1.2: Floor and Space Planning

From the following design data, our team will be designing your project and will start with the floor and space plan including furniture layout so you can better gauge the size of your rooms. Other designers do not include this making their design inefficient (Do you sometimes wonder why electrical outlets are covered by the bed?). This will take approximately 2 week to 3 weeks of back and forth submissions until the floor and space plan will be approved. Probable construction costs will also be monitored as 1st design submissions may be within budget but succeeding design submissions may exceed the construction budget as additions to the plan would naturally entail additional cost. Once the floor and space plans are approved along with the probable construction estimate, and additional of 30% of the design fee is requested as downpayment from the client.

  Step 1.3: 3D Perspectives

When floor and space plan are approved as well as probable construction costs are within budget, 3D perspectives will be designed by our team. We would need to know from you the preffered style you want whether modern, contemporary, zen etc. A picture of a house / building you want would help us greatly in designing the 3D of your project. You may google the desired style of your house and select images. You may also check out our gallery of projects (click here)Should you have no inclination, our team will give you several proposals until you decide and approve. This will approximately take 2 week to 3 weeks.

  Step 1.4: Engineering Plans and Working Drawings 

When Floor and Space Plan along with 3D perspectives are approved, we may then proceed with Engineering Plans and Working Drawings. This may include Structural, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Plans. This will approximately take 2 to 3 weeks. Please take note that we will be needing a Geotechnical Soil Test report (Costs Php25,000 - PhP80,000) should your project consist of 3 floors and above. A roof deck made out of concrete will still be considered a floor. The Geotechnical Soil Test Report is required in applying for Building Permit for 3 storey structures and above. It will also be needed in designing the structural foundations of your structure as it will provide us with the data of the soil your structure rests on such as soil bearing capacity, soil profiles etc. When Engineering and Working Drawings are done and sent (softcopy) to the client, 30% of the design fee is requested as payment prior to printing of plans.

Step 1.5: Printing of Plans and Technical Documents for Building Permit

When planning is done, all plans and technical documents needed are printed then signed and sealed by corresponding professionals. This will approximately take 1 day to 3 days. Upon acceptance of Signed and Sealed Plans and Technical documents by the client, the balance of the design fee is requested as final payment for the design.

You may also check design ideas here below at but please do not forget to use our rough estimate building calculator at the bottom to check if the design fits your budget.
You may also try planning your house below usinag a computer (using room planner) and we will check it for compliance of current codes. We will then give you a rough cost estimate for free! (It will just take you an hour or two to learn.)

Please do not forget the following (usual minimum requirements but depends on actual location):

1.) Minimum Front setback is atlest 3 meters (other high class subdivisions require 4 meters front setback)

2.) Minimum left, rear and right setback is 2 meters for ground floor and 1.5 meters for 2nd floor and above

3.) If minimum setback is not followed, it is still allowed as long as a firewall is built on that side on the property line (still depends on the area as there are areas that do not allow firewalls or allows one firewall only)

4.) If left, rear and right sides are all firewalls, a 6 square meter airwell should be provided (still depends on the area as there are areas that do not allow firewalls or allows one firewall only)

5.) Minimum size of bedrooms is 6 square meters

6.) Commercially available economic door sizes are 0.9 meters (usually front door), 0.8 meters (usually bedrooms), 0.7 meters (usually bedrooms and toilet and baths) and 0.6 meters (usually toilet and baths)

7.) Also check for height restrictions in your area / subdivision. The floor to floor height is usually at 3 meters so a height restriction of 9 meters would make a 4 storey building design non-compliant to the restriction.

8.) Reserve a 2 meters by 3 meters area for the staircase (including landing, 16 steps)

9.) Consult us for further questions.

10.) For rough estimate, solve for the total floor area including the garage, balcony, lanai, pathwalk etc. and input below:

Finishes depends on the following details below. Please note that the description below are only rough descriptions and may vary depending on the actual design and situation.

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