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Build Now Pay Later or Building with no cash or equity (lot should be fully paid)
Build Now Pay Later Home Value and Floor Area Calculator

Build Now Pay Later is building with no cash or equity (lot should be fully paid)

Banks make sure that they do not release cash without making sure that there is adequate collateral. For example, if you have a 1 Million value Lot and you are constructing a 5 Million Value House thru a loan, they will not release the 5 Million loan in its entirety when you have not started the construction yet. They will be released in tranches. This also means you would need cash or equity so that the bank will release the loan tranche.

However, thru Build Now Pay Later, there is a chance we can build without cash or equity on hand. The value of your lot should be of considerable value compared to the value of your house. This Build Now Pay Later Calculator will help you compute the approximate size of the house as well as the maximum value of the house that can be financed thru a Build Now Pay Later scheme.

How do I know what floor area or value of the house I can avail of with a Build Now Pay Later scheme?

Step 1.) Input Lot Area in our Build Now Pay Later Calculator

Step 2.) Input Lot Market Value (per square meter)

Step 3.) Lightly Touch the Green Box for results to appear.

Note when using our Build Now Pay Later Home Loan Calculator:

If you are using a smart phone, lightly touch the yellow box to edit "Lot Area" until keyboard appears (about 3 tries). Upon entering the "Lot Area", lightly touch and edit "Lot per square meter Lot Market Value". After this, lightly touch "Monthly Bank Payments" for results to appear. If changing the interest rate, don't forget to add % sign.

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